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Discover how the race transformed the life of Nanda Azevedo

Corrida ou caminhada são atividades indicadas para um treino a dois

“Changing is scary, but we should be afraid to stay in the same place”. The phrase is printed on one of the Instagram posts by carioca Fernanda Azevedo de Almeida. There she is known as Nanda Azevedo, a digital influencer who accumulates no less than 48 thousand followers on the social network. Single mother of …

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7 unrecognizable Brazilians before and after the gym

Academias para terceira idade

Being thin is not enough for these fitness celebrities. They want to have more than one healed body. These muses and muses look for sculpted physiques, shapely legs, cracked abdomen and lots of muscle volume. So there is life before and after the gym! Check out the list of famous Brazilians who were practically unrecognizable …

For your body

4 Secrets to keeping your sports outfit spotless!

A sada de Sebastião Naves: idosos na academia

Today’s sportswear has a decisive influence on athletes’ performance. The design, fibers and materials used are increasingly adjusted to the demands of physical activity. Sportswear is subject to frequent washing which can wear it out quickly, both in terms of colors and structure. But keeping fitness clothing in good condition for a long time is …