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What is the ideal season to start your summer project?

Os melhores exercícios para treinar em casal

Crowded gyms, a thousand and one diet options – from the hardcores to the healthiest ones – and lots of miraculous recipes. This is the summer project frenzy!

If you are still planning, about to start or have already started your summer project, be realistic:

Do you have time to reach your goal on time?


This is the first secret for a summer project to work: being down to earth ?

That’s because it is impossible to lose weight quickly and maintain weight for medium and long term after that. It is scientifically proven that everything we lose fast, we win back, maybe even more.

Studies claim that approximately 95% of people who lose weight quickly by adopting restrictive diets regain weight in a period of 6 months to 2 years. And much of it comes back to weigh more than before. It is the famous accordion effect (or yo-yo).

You can highlight two major changes in the body when we lose weight fast: more appetite and slowing metabolism .

And that’s not all bad.

Is that our body rejects any stress caused by weight loss and protects itself by trying to put on weight. So these changes are his reaction to adapt and preserve our health.

Convinced that a project will see at a moderate pace is more relaxed?

What you will find in this article:Empoderamento com a prática de exercícios

To help you get started we’ve separated tips that are valid for any season:

  • Caffeine-based drinks: chase away laziness and sleep, in addition to being thermogenic (fat burners). Industrialized foods: avoid snacks and fast foods full of “calories empty ”and that don’t really satisfy.
  • Fruits instead of sweets: consume moderately healthier alternatives that help curb hunger between meals.
  • Intermediate snacks: bet on healthy portions between lunch and dinner. This helps to satiate and reduce excess in the main meals.
  • Thermogenic foods: abuse foods that speed up metabolism (believe me, there’s even chocolate on that list!) and help burn fat.
  • Physical activities: always practice exercises, choose a sport that you enjoy, adapt your schedule and stay focused!

Invest in these suggestions for a sustainable summer project, even if it takes longer to achieve the desired results!

Which season are you starting your summer project?

SPRING – September to December

Yellow sign for you!

The season before the summer is the last call for many women who are in the mood to rock that bikini with a bow!

Here’s the tip: run away from amazing recipes in the four months left for the year to end!

SUMMER – December to March

Watch out for the pitfalls!

Starting your summer project in the eye of the storm can make you fatten up next year.

It’s not a plague!

Is that when the body suffers a lot of stress, caused by radical diets and overtraining (more exercises than your body is able to recover), the metabolism tends to slow down, the appetite increases and the whole plan can go down the drain !

Not to mention that the end of the year combines with social gatherings and happy moments, to eat without guilt and enjoy with those we like!

AUTUMN – March to June

Maybe it’s the only time that being methodical can make you succeed in your summer project!

Starting right after the summer is over guarantees at least 10 months to get on track and start a summer project for life.

WINTER – June to September

Welcome to the darling season of the summer project!

We know that it is difficult to overcome laziness, despise the covers, put on your best fitness look and go to work out at the most challenging time of the year.

But believe me, winter is the best season to lose weight and prepare for summer!

Then play!

You have four months to take advantage of all the advantages to arrive in the spring with the top body.

Is that in winter the body increases the caloric expenditure just to keep warm.

So if you make smart exchanges, that means don’t stick your foot in the fondue and the ultra-caloric delights that go very well with this season – it will be papaya with sugar to eliminate the extra pounds and become the next muse of beach!

Did you like the tips?

Instead of drying out and living full of anguish with the urge to eat, how about planning a different summer project: healthy, with possible goals and without neuras!

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