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What to eat after training by Maria Gama

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Physical activity, combined with a balanced diet , is fundamental for a healthy life, for our well-being, good mood and energy. Knowing what to eat after training is therefore essential for recovery from exercise.

It is important not to forget that all food during the day must be controlled in order to fulfill its objective. The meals /> have to be adapted according to the person himself, his goals and his energy needs .

If you don’t know what to eat after training, read the advice we give you. Prepare meals in advance to take at marmita , in order to facilitate your day-to-day and always have something prepared to eat after exercising. Thus, it is not necessary to stop by the cafe and choose cakes or pastries.O que comer depois do treino

Essential tips to achieve maximum post-workout well-being

Complete, varied and balanced food

Vitamins, minerals … It is important that you ingest all nutrients in sufficient quantity to avoid energy deficit in the post-workout. Pay attention to the food wheel and respect the recommended amounts for a balanced diet. Also, take into account your individual energy needs.

Daily protein intake

Daily, it is essential to make a correct consumption of protein, through meat / fish, eggs, dairy products or derivatives and legumes. However, avoid fat-rich confections.

Pre and post workout food

protein intake is important for correct recovery from training , but your consumption should take into account the type of exercise practiced and the intensity. For example, if you take a simple walk, there is no reason to have exceptional concerns about your diet. If you do weight training, you may need to adjust your pre- and post-workout meals. Always check with a nutritionist .

Hours of sleep

Rest is essential for good muscle recovery . However, it is not always given due importance. Often, we cannot guarantee enough sleep , but it is during this period that part of muscle regeneration after exercise occurs. Not to mention that, when we don’t get enough rest, the will to train is soon less.

5 Inspirations for those who don’t know what to eat after training

1. Egg white omelet with turkey and tomato and rice

Just beat the egg whites and add turkey, tomatoes, salt and oregano. Cook and accompany with a portion of rice.

2. P oatmeal with whites

Prepare the porridge with water, over a fire. When they start to boil, add egg whites and cook over white heat. You can add pieces of fruit (for example, pear).

3. B proteinaceous red fruit

In a blender, place red berries, natural Greek yogurt, oat flakes and flax seeds. Grind and set aside in the lunchbox to eat after training.

4. buckwheat and banana muffins

The wheat flour in your pancakes can be replaced by buckwheat. Just crush it in a blender and reserve to use in your favorite recipes. See a recipe for delicious banana pancakes here.

5. I yogurt with oat flakes and fresh fruit

Skyr yogurt, rich in protein, can be your best ally when you don’t know what to eat after training. Put oat flakes in a jar and cover them with green tea. Add the yogurt and finish with crushed fruit (kiwi is a great option).

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