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Where to run in SP: 11 perfect places for those who want to run in São Paulo

Maratona - Volta Internacional da Pampulha

In São Paulo there are many places to run and practice physical activities. It has something for everyone, both for people who like to run on avenues, with a large flow of people around, and for those who like to run with greater contact with nature. So if you’re looking for where to run in …

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The importance of physical exercise in Diabetes by Inês Abrantes

As 6 das maiores corridas de rua do Brasil

It is proven that the practice of physical exercise has several benefits for people with Diabetes . Associated with a healthy diet, this behavior is sufficient for the disease to be delayed and / or avoided. In addition, it allows you to keep it under control after diagnosis. Until today, a cure for Diabetes has …

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Carnival 2020 playlist on Spotify: the songs that will rock your party

Empoderamento com a prática de exercícios

The most animated revelry days of the year are approaching and nothing better than a selection of songs that will pack the Carnival 2020 revelry, with fresh new hits and classics that never go out of style and always put everything world to dance to. That’s why we’ve prepared a Carnaval 2020 Playlist on Spotify …

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Find out what is the best outfit for different exercises at the gym

Mochila com roupas para musculação

Did you know that wearing appropriate clothing for each type of physical activity has a direct influence on training performance ? More than a matter of beauty and comfort, an inappropriate suit can hurt your skin and even put you at risk – have you ever thought if, when you feel hot, you tie the …

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Fitness fashion: Much more than workout clothes!

Um novo olhar sobre o esporte

fashion fitness is growing in Portugal at the same rate as the number of gyms and sports enthusiasts increases. Also on the street, more and more people are seen doing physical activity, be it cycling, walking or running. With the growing interest in the practice of physical exercise, new modalities and a greater concern with …

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How to get rid of the swollen belly once and for all by Cláudia Cunha

Disposição para fazer outras coisas

Complaints about the swollen belly are very common, especially in women. They are usually related to abdominal swelling, cramps and changes in intestinal transit, such as constipation and diarrhea. But how do you get rid of your bloated belly and permanently eliminate all these unpleasant symptoms? Physical exercise and food can be the answer. To …

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Discover 6 of the biggest marathons and races in Brazil

Corrida de Reis - Maratonas e corridas do Brasil

The relationship between running and a healthy body is great. Not for nothing, marathons and races in Brazil are challenging challenges for many people. Taking that into account, which ones are the biggest? What is the total audience that they are able to mobilize in each edition? What are the stories and curiosities behind these …

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Healthy diet: How not to ruin everything on vacation by Maria Canha

Case Dia da Mulher com Nanda Azevedo

With the arrival of holidays , eating a healthy diet can be a difficult task. During this period, the number of gatherings increases, as well as evening meals and snacks. And thankfully! First of all, it is necessary to understand that it is not these days that are going to sabotage all the effort and …

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Workout for two: best exercises for couples working out together

Andar de bicicleta em casal pode ser ainda mais divertido

Every year is the same thing: Valentine’s Day arrives and, with it, chocolates and dinners to celebrate the date. However, why not do it differently? How about using that romantic motivation and doing a workout for two to improve health as a couple? Thinking about it, we have prepared this text with several great exercise …