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Workout for two: best exercises for couples working out together

Andar de bicicleta em casal pode ser ainda mais divertido

Every year is the same thing: Valentine’s Day arrives and, with it, chocolates and dinners to celebrate the date. However, why not do it differently? How about using that romantic motivation and doing a workout for two to improve health as a couple?

Thinking about it, we have prepared this text with several great exercise tips for a workout for two. We will also show you how you can help yourself lose weight and achieve good results.

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The needs and advantages of training together

There is a traditional common sense that people gain weight and fall into sedentary lifestyle when they enter into a relationship: the warmth of home, the convenience of watching series and movies with a company, meals prolonged by good conversation etc.

This theory, moreover, is proven by science itself. According to an article published by the magazine Superinteressante, there is research that shows this tendency to gain weight in couples who are happy .

Another study, published by an article in Folha de S.Paulo, attests that married people usually gain a few pounds because start to worry a lot less about their appearance in relation to singles.

However, the couple training story doesn’t end there and has a happy ending. According to this research, partners who train together can develop greater complicity and affection , improving the relationship as a whole. In other words, this can be quite an incentive to counter the statistics, keep the look up to date and make a program for two great for health.

The best exercises to train as a couple

Os melhores exercícios para treinar em casal

Not all physical activity has to do with pair practice. Taking this into account, we have prepared a list with excellent options. Check it out:


HIIT is short for High-intensity interval training, that is, high-intensity interval training. They have been, for some time, the darlings in the gyms. The reason? They help you lose a lot of weight in a short time.

There is no miracle formula for this, of course. A HIIT workout requires a lot of effort and dedication from practitioners . The best part of all this is that the series vary a lot. Thus, it is almost impossible for you or your love to feel unmotivated.

In addition to being fast and fitting into even the busiest schedule, these workouts can:

  • increase muscle mass;
  • improve breathing capacity;
  • strengthen the bones;
  • burn fat even after training ends.

Running and walking

Running or walking are great choices for training as a couple. In the lightest moments of training, you can even catch up and have a good laugh together . In addition, you can practice both outdoors and enjoy the beauty of a square or park together while getting rid of the calories. Is it or is it not a great program?

Corrida ou caminhada são atividades indicadas para um treino a dois


Pilates works the entire body extension and helps in muscle toning of various parts of the body. With two or three lessons a week, you and your partner can:

  • increase flexibility;
  • correct the posture;
  • preventing injuries;
  • strengthen muscles and joints;
  • reduce the feeling of tiredness;
  • improve blood circulation.


The sit-ups are a classic among exercises, and this is no accident. They are great for defining the muscles of the abdomen and strengthening the core region, which is important to keep your back straight and thus stay away from those uncomfortable pains.

When combined with healthy eating, they also become quite effective for losing belly . There are countless ways to do abdominal and this is good for varying workouts. Remember not to strain your neck during movements, OK?


Squats are good alternatives for a training session for two , mainly because they can be done in different ways. There is a variation, by the way, which is ideal to be done in pairs:

  1. position your feet parallel to shoulder width;
  2. keep your arms crossed and hold your hands for the other person;
  3. take a step back with one leg, facing your partner;
  4. leave all the weight of the body on top of the other leg, which must be firm on the floor with the foot fully supported;
  5. go down as far as you can and use the support;
  6. repeat the movement with the same leg for up to 10 repetitions and switch sides.

Casal de mulheres fazendo alongamento na academia

Ball exercises

Those big balls, generally used in recovery exercises or in pilates, work very well in a training for two . You can help each other and find the right balance in the positions you do together.


It may sound crazy, but dancing to lose weight is a great choice. The practice helps to acquire body awareness and is quite fun. In addition, lovebirds can train at home what they learned during classes.


Crossfit is gaining more and more fans in Brazil. It is a challenging activity, which always motivates practitioners to overcome their limits and to seek the desired results. Workouts never fall into sameness, strengthen muscles, improve fitness and detonate stress.


If you are very busy and concerned with routine obligations, doing Yoga is quite a way out. Great for body and mind, this activity is also beneficial because you can help and relax together.


Cycling is good for several reasons: strengthening the lower limbs, improving physical endurance, gaining conditioning and the possibility of walking while taking care of your health.

Tips for bringing the couple together

Follow these valuable tips to have even more unity in the search for a healthier life:

  • motivate each other;
  • share goals;
  • develop team spirit;
  • avoid excuses and cover each other’s discipline;
  • give confidence in the most difficult workouts;
  • seek inspiration for keeping healthy habits together.

Anyway, training for two has a number of benefits for the couple and can bring you even more together. The tendency is that the tiredness will go away and the loving bond between you will be further strengthened.

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