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Maratona - Volta Internacional da Pampulha
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Where to run in SP: 11 perfect places for those who want to run in São Paulo

In São Paulo there are many places to run and practice physical activities. It has something for everyone, both for people who like to run on avenues, with a large flow of people around, and for those who like to run with greater contact with nature. So if you’re looking for where to run in …

Empoderamento com a prática de exercícios
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Carnival 2020 playlist on Spotify: the songs that will rock your party

The most animated revelry days of the year are approaching and nothing better than a selection of songs that will pack the Carnival 2020 revelry, with fresh new hits and classics that never go out of style and always put everything world to dance to. That’s why we’ve prepared a Carnaval 2020 Playlist on Spotify …

Mochila com roupas para musculação
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Find out what is the best outfit for different exercises at the gym

Did you know that wearing appropriate clothing for each type of physical activity has a direct influence on training performance ? More than a matter of beauty and comfort, an inappropriate suit can hurt your skin and even put you at risk – have you ever thought if, when you feel hot, you tie the …

Case Dia da Mulher com Nanda Azevedo
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Healthy diet: How not to ruin everything on vacation by Maria Canha

With the arrival of holidays , eating a healthy diet can be a difficult task. During this period, the number of gatherings increases, as well as evening meals and snacks. And thankfully! First of all, it is necessary to understand that it is not these days that are going to sabotage all the effort and …

Corrida ou caminhada são atividades indicadas para um treino a dois
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Discover how the race transformed the life of Nanda Azevedo

“Changing is scary, but we should be afraid to stay in the same place”. The phrase is printed on one of the Instagram posts by carioca Fernanda Azevedo de Almeida. There she is known as Nanda Azevedo, a digital influencer who accumulates no less than 48 thousand followers on the social network. Single mother of …