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How can I maintain the gym routine while on vacation?

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You took the courage to start , but a few months later you got a break from work and ended up losing your focus on training? This scenario is more common than it seems. After all, how to maintain the gym routine during the holidays? Is that even possible? What to do to reverse this situation?

Taking this into account, we have prepared this post to help you continue training. Throughout the text, you will find relevant information and some tips to put into practice. Read through to find out more!

How important is it to keep pace?

You worked all year, fulfilled your goals and received the long-awaited break – nothing more deserved, is it? Not by chance, this interval is the loophole that many people expect to be able to travel, enjoy their family and dedicate themselves to leisure.

There is no problem in escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life, of course, but that does not mean that you need to neglect your fitness and put the exercises aside.

In fact, quite the opposite, because physical activities can be great allies to detonate stress and get the rest you’ve been waiting for. Still, the same question remains: why do so many people lose pace on vacation?

This is because these months off give a feeling of relaxation. It is a short time compared to the arduous months of work and, because of that, it should be used.

However, losing your pace completely can be very harmful to your health. Not going to the gym during the holidays tends to make your return even more difficult. That is, when you return, you will need to start over from an earlier stage than the one you were already in. Do you see the problem? Your progress is compromised, because your body does not understand the vacation in the same way as your mind.

How to do a gym while on vacation?

Now that you know the importance of keeping pace even on your days off, we’ve listed some practical tips to help with this mission. Check below, what and how to do it!

Change your mindset

This is the first and most important step: you must change your mindset about working out during the holidays. Know, first of all, that there is no need to train more than usual. In fact, it is possible to do less physical activity during the week.

What cannot happen is the total abandonment of the healthy lifestyle . It’s not because you’re off duty that you need to stay on the couch every day, right? Take the opportunity to sleep a little more and have some permissiveness in relation to the schedules, but do not leave your food or training routine completely aside.

Have flexibility

You are on vacation and this is certainly special. So why not make the most of your days from regular exercise? A HIIT class, for example, spends a few minutes of your day and is great for giving that extra energy.

Resting is necessary, however, if you want to be available for outings, events and trips, physical activities are essential allies. Use your slack wisely and enjoy flexibility in time and training location.

Practice something pleasant

Pratique algo prazeroso dentro ou fora da academia durante as férias

When the break finally comes, we feel a kind of relief and look forward to enjoying this free period, do you agree? Because of this, many people soon forget about the gym, because they see practice as another element of everyday life.

If you practice something pleasurable, the chances of it happening are minimal. So, avoid training just to lose weight or gain mass – do something you really enjoy and, thus, you will never have that horrible feeling of exercising just out of necessity.

The good news is that there are countless modalities out there, and you can choose one according to your preferences and goals. See some examples:

  • bodybuilding;
  • gymnastics;
  • pilates;
  • running;
  • fights;
  • dances;
  • swimming;
  • yoga;
  • crossfit .

Have discipline

You don’t need to have the same application as always, but indiscipline can cause those famous last-minute excuses to appear: it’s raining, it’s cold, it’s lazy and so on. So try to have a minimum commitment to training.

To help, try to set small goals, which can be daily or weekly. To exemplify: 30 minutes of gym per day, 3 crossfit workouts per week etc.

Train anywhere

The long-awaited opportunity to take a trip around the country during the holidays has arrived. With it, the same question arises as always: how to maintain a healthy routine while away from home? Know that there are services that give access to several different gyms .

It works like this: you pay a single monthly fee and have access to different gyms throughout Brazil. The best part is that, depending on your plan, you can practice your favorite sports even miles away from your usual training spots. Isn’t it great?

This possibility contributes even more so that you have flexible hours and can enjoy your days off without giving up a healthy routine.

How to take care of your health while on vacation?

This is another recurring question, as you need to be willing to train. An important tip is to try to wake up and always sleep at the same times, which helps to avoid laziness throughout the day.

When possible, make some fit recipes to eat nutrient-rich foods. If you do not intend to cook, opt for self-service restaurants, so you can choose the components of your dish and eat a balanced diet.

Don’t forget to eat regularly, OK? Eat small meals every 3 hours to keep your metabolism going. When you go for a walk, take fruit or healthy snacks with you.

Anyway, doing a gym during the holidays is not only possible, but also essential to live with more health and well-being. Take the time to rest and relax, but don’t let your body go!

Now that you know how to keep training even on vacation, take the time to check out the Gympass plans and train wherever you want!

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