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Carnival 2020 playlist on Spotify: the songs that will rock your party

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The most animated revelry days of the year are approaching and nothing better than a selection of songs that will pack the Carnival 2020 revelry, with fresh new hits and classics that never go out of style and always put everything world to dance to.

That’s why we’ve prepared a Carnaval 2020 Playlist on Spotify for you to stir up the revelry with friends to the successes of Anita, Pabllo Vittar, Jojo Maronttinni, Ivete Sangalo and more.

Check now a selection of the biggest hits of our Playlist Carnaval 2020 on Spotify with the songs that will rock

1. What a shot that was – Jojo Maronttinni

One of the biggest bets for Carnival 2020, the hit “What a shot was that” by debutant Jojo Maronttinni promises to be one of the most played during the party days. Jojo Todynho, stage name that led the funk singer from Rio to stardom, has already accumulated over 90 million views with the official music video on Youtube.Andar de bicicleta em casal pode ser ainda mais divertido

2. Go Malandra – Anitta

Launched in the last days of 2017, Anitta’s new hit rocked the end of the year parties all over Brazil and will probably make many people happy at the 2020 Carnival. In partnership with the American rapper Maejor and the funkeiro MC Zaac, the song “Vai Malandra” reached the incredible mark of the 4th most heard song of the week on Youtube shortly after its release.

3. Neckline – Preta Gil and Pabllo Vittar

The hit “Decote” by singer Preta Gil in partnership with Pabllo Vittar is also present in our Playlist Carnaval 2020 on Spotify . In samba rhythm, the song gave rise to a very well-produced clip by the same director of “Bang!”, by singer Anitta, and had its release on the Fantástico program, right after a painting dedicated to Pabllo’s story Vittar.

4. Contatinho – Nego do Borel and Luan Santana

One of the most recent hits in the playlist, the song “Contatinho” emerged from yet another partnership between Nego do Borel, this time with countryman Luan Santana. Published on January 8, 2020 on Youtube, the clip is beyond fun, a trademark of Nego do Borel, and has accumulated over 16 million views.

5. Profit: Decompressing – BaianaSystem

Original from Bahia, the band BaianaSystem has been falling in the taste of the public, critics and the media itself. With elaborate instrumental and acid lyrics, the song “Lucro: Descomprimindo” will be part of the 2020 Carnival soundtrack, albeit a little more timidly.

6. So Go – Pabllo Vittar

There is no longer any doubt that Pabllo Vittar is one of the most prominent Brazilian artists in the Brazilian pop music scene together with singer Anitta. Together, they will probably be the 2 most heard artists at Carnival 2020 and that is why they are present in our playlist on Spotify.

7. Rabiola – MC Kevinho

With over 118 million views on YouTube, the song “Rabiola” by young MC Kevinho is one of the biggest bets of the producer KondZilla for summer 2020, as well as for Carnival.

8. Tic Nervoso – Harmony of Samba (Anita)

In operation since 1993, the group Harmonia do Samba continues to increase even after 25 years of success. With acclaimed hits like “Vem, Neném” and “Desafio”, the group proves that it still has everything with the new song “Tic Nervoso” in partnership with none other than Anitta.

9. No Groove (Pega, Pega, Pega) – Ivete Sangalo

Launched on January 12th, the song No Groove (Pega, Pega, Pega) is the bet of Queen Ivete Sangalo for the 2020 Carnival and arose from the partnership with singer Marcio Victor, from the band Psirico. For the first time outside of Carnival after 24 straight years due to pregnancy, her new hit promises to stir up the revelry with her swing, swing and her gum refrain.

Have you fallen in love or are you preparing your playlist for Carnival?
Check out the full playlist below and follow our channel on Spotify to stay on top of news.

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