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4 Secrets to keeping your sports outfit spotless!

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Today’s sportswear has a decisive influence on athletes’ performance. The design, fibers and materials used are increasingly adjusted to the demands of physical activity.

Sportswear is subject to frequent washing which can wear it out quickly, both in terms of colors and structure. But keeping fitness clothing in good condition for a long time is possible with some simple care.

1. Read and follow the tag recommendations

Each piece of sports clothing has specific characteristics in terms of fibers, materials, colors and finishes. The advancement of textile technology has made it possible to develop innovative materials that add surprising benefits to parts. Faster drying , protection UV and treatments antibacterianos are some examples.

Thus, the care to be taken with sports clothing has changed a lot and it is essential to treat each item properly. Referring to the instructions in the tags is the first step in keeping items in good condition.

2. Don’t wait to wash your workout clothes

Arriving from the gym and immediately washing sports clothes may seem unattractive. However, this is one of the simplest ways to prevent material damage and remove odors effectively.

The worst you can do is to leave wet clothes closed inside the sports bag. The dark, moisture-saturated environment promotes the proliferation of bacteria and fungi that will be more difficult to eliminate. Whenever you cannot wash the pieces immediately, at least dry them in an airy place.

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3. Washing and drying care

Ideally, training clothes should be hand washed , with great care. But we know that this is not always possible. Know that, with some precautions, these parts can be washed in the machine without being damaged.

Before washing, you must turn the pieces inside out to successfully remove sweat stains and succeed more effective cleaning. Always prefer short cycles , without twisting, and wash sports clothing at low temperatures . Avoid using overly aggressive detergents and fabric softener. These products may leave residues, damage fabrics and promote the persistence of odors.

You should always air dry the parts , ideally in the exterior and to shade , and avoid the machine drying out. Exposure to high temperatures is harmful to the structure of the parts and to the fibers that make up the materials.

4. Invest in the quality of sportswear

There are several options in the market for sportswear. The selection of leggings, sports bras and overalls should require some time and care. Choosing the parts best suited to your needs is important to train safely and achieve the best results.

Opting for high quality materials can even represent significant savings in the medium / long term. Resistant fabrics , developed based on the most advanced technology, will guarantee greater durability of the parts . Investing in quality undoubtedly makes a difference and makes it easier to maintain your sportswear.

Buying sports clothing that suits your body and the modality you practice is important for training in comfort. Opting for pieces made with quality materials is half way to keep them spotless for longer. Visit the online store Eight.One and discover fitness clothing made from environmentally friendly materials of unrivaled quality, such as the Supplex yarn.

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